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Deep Dive into Dickens 1: Great Expectations, chapters 1-4

January 25, 2022 Art the Bookworm Season 1 Episode 17
The Bookshelf Odyssey Podcast
Deep Dive into Dickens 1: Great Expectations, chapters 1-4
Show Notes

Hello everyone! I am doing a video series on YouTube talking about Great Expectations chapter by chapter. I'm putting the audio on the podcast feed too in case it's more convenient to listen to this way. Stay tuned for regularly schedule podcast episodes too! 

 Welcome to the first episode discussing the week's reading of Great Expectations. I'm so excited to have you along! In today's episode I give some introductory discussion on Charles Dickens and Great Expectations, and then I dive in and discuss chapters 1-4. Let me know your thoughts on the chapters! 

Reading for Next Week: Chapters 5-7 

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Time Stamps: 
00:00 Some intro stuff 
04:23 Who Is Charles Dickens? 
08:10 My History with Dickens 
11:51 A Word About Spoilers 
13:00 Part 1 chapter 1 
23:58 Part 1 chapter 2 
37:10 part 2 chapter 3 
43:31 part 2 chapter 4 
01:04:38 Thoughts on 1-4, things to watch for 

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Jan 17th: Chapters 1-4

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