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Boo Trundle: The Healing Power of Writing Your Truth

March 07, 2024 Art the Bookworm Season 3 Episode 80
The Bookshelf Odyssey Podcast
Boo Trundle: The Healing Power of Writing Your Truth
Show Notes

My guest today is the author Boo Trundle, who has written one of the most interesting and captivating novels I've ever read. "The Daughter Ship", a very personal novel that tells of one woman's journey to find healing. The story focuses on Katherine, a wife and mother who is struggling on the brink of despair. Helping to tell her story are "Truitt, Star, and Smooshed Bug—her inner children, each with their particular strategy for coping with Katherine’s past at the hands of a hopeless mother and a terrifying, seductive father. Several of her female ancestors, Confederate widows and their daughters, who’ve imposed a legacy of racism and damage on her bloodline, also join the telling. The assembled ghosts and contenders for Katherine’s ear are gathered in a rusting WWII submarine off the coast of Virginia Beach where the truth of her life is, quite literally, submerged. Will they surface with it? Will they protect her from it, or deliver it to her?" 

In our conversation we talk about our favorite authors (Charles Dickens and Jane Austen?! Did we just become best friends?), her writing journey, the importance of laughing in the face of rejection, and writing tips. 

Head over to to find out about her, order book, and more.


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